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The cost of the launch of the New Shepard rocket is still under wraps, but it is expected to cost more than $28 million. The company plans to begin selling tickets for suborbital space flights by the end of this year. The ticket price is the same as that of the original flight, which cost $19 million. And while the mission may be expensive – the seats are available for $450,000 – the experience will be unforgettable.

The launch was delayed because of dangerously high winds, but the launch went off without a hitch on Saturday. Despite the setback, the launch is a huge step forward for Blue Origin, as the company aims to reach a wide range of misunderstood audiences with its space tourism mission.

The rocket, called the “NS-17,” is dedicated to astronaut Alan Shepard, who paid millions to go to space. During the flight, he and his crew will use a Doppler lidar sensor array that will help future lunar explorers navigate the moon. The Descent Landing Computer, which handles sensor data, will also be tested. This is a new version of a system Blue Origin tested last October, but it was upgraded and is now in a higher-performance state.

The New Shepard has already been successfully launched five times and is scheduled to land at 9:35 AM EDT on Oct. 16. The capsule and booster were recovered on all but one occasion, though a problem with the booster caused it to be unable to land as planned. The company uses two rockets, the RSS First Step and the RSS H.G. Wells, for the crewed flights and RSS First Step for uncrewed science missions.

The NS-19 mission is Blue Origin’s third crewed mission. It carries six passengers, including the eldest daughter of NASA astronaut Alan Shepard. The NS-19 rocket launched from the West Texas Launch Site One facility. It is a significant milestone for the company, and it will be the company’s sixth successful crewed launch.

The launch was delayed for several hours due to dangerously high wind and bad weather. On Saturday, the company successfully launched the New Shepard for the sixth time, and the rocket landed safely. It was a great day for space travel. It was Blue Origin’s first successful passenger flight in history.

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